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Video – How to build a Process Cloud Service Application (Business Travel Expense) in 40 minutes – Part I – Designing your process

Hi, Welcome to Red Maverick’s third video. In this one, we’ll guide you on how to build a complete, working BPM application using  Oracle’s Process Cloud Service. The first part is about designing your process from a functional/business point of view In the next parts, you’ll see how to setup a process start form, build advanced […]

Process Data Definition

We have our BPMN process and if we only want to document our process, this is almost all the work we’ll need to do. However, Akino Fishing Co. wants to not only document, but also automate and execute the processes. For that, we need to define our process data. Process data refers to the entities that […]

Refining your BPM process

Ah… The holiday season! Time to be with your family, eat like an elephant, getting stuck in endless traffic jams and moving in overcrowded shopping malls. No better time to write BPM articles, right? Actually, wrong! Curiously, a peak in activity actually absorbed me completely and we couldn’t do all the stuff that we wanted to. […]

The first BPMN process

Hello there! I know I’m a bit late on this article, but my presence in the Middle East had more (positive) impact than I anticipated, so I got tied up at work. Anyway, let’s finally start to use Oracle’s BPM Composer to model our “Request a parking space” process. As the Akino Fishing Co is a series focused […]

Know your tools and prepare for work

Hi and welcome to another article of the Akino Fishing Company BPM initiative series. Last week we described our pilot process in plain english. We wrote what is the process, what does it do, what are the expected inputs and outputs and how the information is processed. Today we’ll start with that description, do a […]

The Pilot Project

Welcome back for the 3rd episode of the Akino Fishing Co. BPM initiative saga. About this article’s head image, we’re sorry, but the relation between Mavericks and pilot was too good to miss… 🙂 Anyway, today we’re going to describe our pilot project, the famous “Request a parking space” process. You can read about how […]

Akino’s BPM Initiative Strategy

Hi everyone and welcome back. Picking up from the first topic,  the Akino Fishing Company now has a team of consultants helping to setup the BPM initiative. After some consulting sessions, 4 areas of work are identified and sorted by starting date: Infrastructure availability and BPM Suite instalation/configuration BPM pilot project BPM governance model BPM Enterprise-wide adoption We’ll keep […]