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ADF Namings Conventions – Part III

Hi all, In my previous post ADF Namings Conventions – Part II I have focused my attention on: Model & View Controller Project Today I will focus on: Task Flows Templates JSF, JSFF, JSPX JAVA Events JAR, WAR, EAR files   In this section we will provide the namings related with task flows.   Task Flow Namings   […]

ADF Namings Conventions – Part II

Hi all, In my previous post ADF Namings Conventions – Part I I have focused my attention on: Application & Project Namings Packages Namings Business Components Namings Today I will start to talk about Model & View Controller Project namings.   For new ADF applications we are requested to set the names for Model and ViewController projects. In […]

ADF Namings Conventions – Part I

Hi all, Today I’m focusing my attention to ADF naming conventions. Beside this post I will write two more in order to cover as much as possible all areas of this subject. In the last post I will provide a PDF with all information covered in these series of posts. During ADF applications development we may encounter many […]

WebCenter Content User Interface – Overview/Installation/Customization

Hi all, Welcome to a new Red Mavericks article. Today I’m writing about WebCenter Content User Interface. I will provide an overview over this renovated interface, some considerations regarding my installation experience process and what we can customize. This article refers to Webcenter Content We already have Webcenter’s 12c version, but the 11g is still […]

ADF Application Event Listeners, QueryString Parameters reinjection between sessions – Part III

In ADF applications as any web application you can make use of QueryString parameters to perform custom actions inside of your application. But what happens to your QueryString parameters when the current session expires? In ADF they are lost between sessions. So, how can we reinject the QueryStrings parameters in the new session? You have […]

ADF Application Event Listeners – Part II

Hi all, In my previous post  ADF Application Event Listeners – Part I I have focused in some of the ADF applications event listeners that we can listen and how to do it. In this post I will show you some examples of data that you can get from those event listeners and in some […]

ADF Application Event listeners – Part I

Hi all and welcome to a new series on Red Mavericks! This one is technical, focused on Oracle Application Development Framework, or ADF, so… sorry to our Business Analyst readers. There’s a new article coming out to new next week about Advanced Web Form creation… stay tuned. Anyway, today’s article is written by a new […]